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Bridging BioScience and Biobusiness is excited to tell you of our new partnership with BioPharma Dive.

The new lecture series to be offered by BioPharma Dive, The Business of Drug Discovery and Development, is based on Lynn Klotz’ forty five years as a science professor, biotechnology business executive, or consultant. The updated and attractively designed lectures will be available only through BioPharma Dive from now on

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Sean Griffey, CEO and cofounder of Industry Dive the parent company of BioPharma Dive, was inducted into the 2015 Media Industry News Digital Hall of Fame. Each year, Media Industry News honors media and magazine professionals who have demonstrated unparalleled leadership, innovation and influence to advance digital media excellence. Industry Dive was also selected as a 2015 Best Places to Work for mid-sized companies by the Washington Business Journal.

Bridging BioScience and Biobusiness is honored to work side by side with BioPharma Dive to produce an information-packed lecture series. Lectures will include basic materials for those who wish to achieve only an overview of the topic, and advanced materials for those who wish to gain deeper insights.

Lectures will feature computer-screen graphics by Biopharma Dive’s design team, voice-overs to explain each screen, and take-home materials. A Mini Textbook will be available for a modest additional price, as will “Office Hours” sessions with Dr. Klotz and BioPharma Dive technical journalists. The Office Hours are designed to answer questions not covered in the lectures, provide strategic insights, and to point students to additional material.

The lecture series address the business of modern drug discovery and development. They are designed to provide both a basic and more advanced understanding of big pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies’ activities and strategies. If you are new to the business, you will gain a better understanding of your role in your company’s business. Even if you have some experience in the business, much of our material is not easily acquired in your day-to-day work. Or if you are working in a research laboratory, the lectures will provide basic knowledge and information to prepare you for a new career path in your company such as patent law, pharmacoeconomics, drug pipeline valuation, drug-development financial aspects, and business strategies. Professionals in areas that require a life-science background find challenges and fulfillment in careers peripheral to scientific research.

The first lecture, The Drug Discovery and Development Process, is now available for purchase.

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