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Bridging BioScience and Biobusiness is excited to tell you of our new partnership with BioPharma Dive.

The new lecture series to be offered by BioPharma Dive, The Business of Drug Discovery and Development, is based on Lynn Klotz’ forty five years as a science professor, biotechnology business executive, or consultant. The updated and attractively designed lectures will be available only through BioPharma Dive from now on

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Bridging BioScience and Biobusiness has partnered with BioPharma Dive, the online pharmaceutical industry newsletter, to offer a new course, The Business of Modern Drug Discovery and Development. With the recent addition of the lecture on intellectual property, three lectures are now available:
• The Drug Discovery and Development Process
• Pharmacoeconomics, Pharmaceutical Pricing, Pushback and Policy
• Intellectual Property: Basics, Strategy, and Legislative, Legal, and Policy Issues

To access lecture descriptions visit Lectures are self-contained, so may be purchased individually for $99 each and in any order. We expect to have additional lectures online, one every four months.

Purchase of any lecture in this series provides several resources:
• The lecture with dozens of visuals and audios
• A mini-textbook of the lecture material, yours to download and keep
• Several handouts to supplement both the lecture and mini-textbook
• A Certificate of Completion for those who pass a simple exam on key points

There are several ways to learn:
• Look and listen to get a general overview of the topic
• Study the material by stopping frequently as you go through the lecture
• Read the lecture mini-textbook to keep as a future reference
• Delve deeply into a topic by reading the handouts and references in the mini-textbook
• As an earlier adopter, arrange for an “Office Hours” session with the lecturer

The lectures include basic materials for those who wish to attain only an overview of the topic, and advanced materials for those who wish to gain deeper insights. Each lecture features computer-screen graphics by Biopharma Dive’s design team, and audio. Each lecture is equivalent to 3 or 4 classroom lectures.

About BioPharma Dive:

In BioPharma Dive, we have a quality partner. Sean Griffey, CEO and cofounder of Industry Dive, the parent company of BioPharma Dive, was inducted into the 2015 Media Industry News Digital Hall of Fame. Each year, Media Industry News honors media and magazine professionals who have demonstrated unparalleled leadership, innovation and influence to advance digital media excellence. Industry Dive was also selected as a 2015 Best Places to Work for mid-sized companies by the Washington Business Journal.

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